Government Arts and Science College
R.K Nagar - Chennai.

Assessment System

The Continuous Internal Assessment and End of Semester Examination, each carrying 25% and 75% marks, will form the basis for grading student performance in each paper with an exception for Soft Skills(50% in internals and 50% in externals).

Continuous Internal Assessment :

(a) Continuous Internal Assessment will be made by the teachers responsible for the courses they teach on the dates centrally fixed by the College. There will be three tests held for each paper – two written tests and a program of accepted innovative techniques such as seminars, term paper, project, assignment, portfolio, power-point presentation, quiz, objective tests, online tests, etc. (the mode of such evaluation will be fixed before the commencement of that semester in the respective Department meeting). Each test will carry a maximum of 50 marks and the lowest of the three tests will be ignored. Retest is not allowed except in the case of students who miss one or more CA tests because they were away on those dates representing college in sports or cultural activities or for any justifiable reason acceptable to the Principal. Principal may grant special permission to such candidates for taking one additional test of three hours duration covering the entire syllabus of that paper. This test should be taken before the commencement of the End of Semester Examination of that semester. A record of such assessment procedure will be maintained by the department and is open for clarification by the students. Students will have the right to appeal to the Principal in case of glaring disparities in marking through the Department Grievance Cell.
(b) There is no passing minimum for Internals.

End of Semester Examination

(a) The academic year is divided into two semesters, the first from June/July to November/ December, and the second from November / December to April / May. Each semester will have a minimum of 90 working days. Examination days are excluded. Examinations will be conducted in papers of all semesters in Nov / Dec and April / May every year for all courses.
(b) The schedule for ESE Practical held in the month of October / March will be notified by the Principal through the respective department heads. The schedule / timetable for End of Semester University Examinations will be notified by the Registrar / Controller of Examination and can be accessed from the University website( The ESE hall ticket with list of papers(theory) registered along with the date of examination will be issued after obtaining no-dues by the respective HoDs.
(c) A student who fails in any paper or papers in any semester will be permitted to take them at subsequent End of Semester examinations of those papers, subject to the student having fulfilled the attendance requirement. A student whose attendance falls short of 50 % will be required to repeat that semester by enrolling again at the end of the degree course. Papers set for each examination will follow the regulations and syllabi in force at that time.
(d) Examination Fees will be levied and collected at the University rates. Only those students who get clearance of ‘no dues’ from the various Departments/ Units in the college are eligible to obtain the Hall Ticket for the End of Semester Examination.


1.A candidate shall be declared to have passed: (a) There is no passing minimum for Internals. (b) For External Examination, passing minimum shall be 40 % of the maximum marks prescribed for each paper (30/75) / (20/50). (c) In the aggregate (External + Internal) the passing minimum shall be 40% (40/100).
2. Successful candidates passing the examinations securing the marks (i) 60 % and above (ii) 50 % and above but below 60 % in the aggregate of the marks shall be declared to have passed the examination in the First and Second class respectively. All other successful candidates shall be declared to have passed the examination in the Third class.

Provisions to Appeal

All students undergoing the course of study under the current regulation are eligible to apply for re-evaluation / re-totaling through the college in the prescribed format to the University of Madras within the stipulated time notified during the publication of results.

UG candidates who have passed all the theory papers up to fifth semester and failed in only one paper pertaining to the sixth semester are eligible to apply for Instant Examination.

The ex-students (students who have appeared and failed to pass the examination within three years course duration) are required to apply online with the prescribed fee and download the hall tickets from the university website. To verify the identity of the arrear candidates at the examination centre, any one of the following should be produced: ID with photo issued by the college where he/ she studied / driving license / passport / aadhar card / election voted id.

The students desirous of improving their performance in any papers can do so as per the university rules in force while applying.

For examination related enquiry, the contact number of University of Madras is 2539 9456.

Department Grievance Cell

Grievance Cell in the Department will look into matter regarding Internal marks. Students having any complaint against Internal marks may appeal to this cell. If the award given is not acceptable to the students, redressal of the grievance appealed for may be referred to the Principal.

Exam Coordination

Academic evaluation is an important administrative function to find out how well the students have learnt the various courses of the degree programme. The Principal /Chief Superintendent coordinates the examination related works. The other members of the Examination Committee are nominated by the Principal based on requirement (usually one member from each academic department / one academic department taking turns each semester).

Provisions for Special Candidates

Candidates with special needs may be accorded extra time or scribe facility. Students with learning disability will be given extra half an hour and students with visual impairment will be extended scribe facility. Concerned students should notify Principal / Chief Superintendent by mid-term with written request and supporting documents (Government Doctor’s certificate) through the respective Tutor and HoD. Further, such candidates need to make available necessary permission letter obtained from University of Madras - Controller of Examination Office through the College. The same has to be attached with the answer script. Students with orthopedic challenges can request to write their examinations in the ground floor.