Government Arts and Science College
R.K Nagar - Chennai.

Attendance Regulations
Leave of Absence :

If a student is absent for one hour in the pre-break session or in post-break session, he / she will lose attendance for half day. If a student is absent for more than two hours, he / she will lose attendance for the whole day.

No student is permitted to absent himself/herself from the college without a valid reason for which a leave application must be submitted to the Principal through their respective department heads and Tutors. In case of illness exceeding three days, medical certificate must be produced. Application for leave of absence on medical grounds should be made within 3 days of the first day of absence. The application should carry the endorsement of parent / guardian / warden. The period of absence on medical grounds will be considered as ‘Absent with Leave’.

Students are expected to attend classes every day. However, if there are genuine reasons like ill-health, etc., students can avail leave after obtaining permission from the Hod / Principal as the case may be.

Students are strictly forbidden to leave the college premises during the college hours. In case of emergency, students can leave the college premises with the permission of the Principal / HoD.

Late comers will not be permitted to enter the class without the permission of the concerned teacher. Students who are causing trouble in the classroom can be expelled by the professor.

Leave of Absence for Representing the College

The staff-in-charge (eg.: Physical Director, Vice-President and NSS Officers) will hand in advance a written list of students who will be representing the college in the respective events. Within 3 days of completion of the event, it is the student’s responsibility to submit the letter for the leave of absence in the prescribed form. Leave letters will not be entertained at a later date.

Regulations regarding Sports and Co-curricular activities

Students representing the college / department / extension activities should take prior approval in writing from the Principal, regarding their attendance for that particular period. The request for granting attendance will not be accepted at the end of the semester.

Attendance will be given to the student for days of matches and tournaments in which the student represents the college, university, state or nation. Attendance will also be given for the days lost due to travel and training camps for university, state and national teams. This provision will be based on the official documents issued by the University authorities, state and central government, sports bodies etc. Students should verify their attendance on a regular basis and ensure the regularization of their attendance.

The student should submit an authorized copy of the tournament fixture to the Class mentor and the sports director and get their approval before leaving for the tournament. They must submit a report of their performance after the tournament along with relevant documents. The sports department will maintain a logbook to enter these details.

Attendance Notification

At the end of every 30 working days, the attendance details will be displayed on the respective Department Notice Boards. Clarifications, if any, should be sought from the respective Department Heads within 3 days of this publication.