Government Arts and Science College
R.K Nagar - Chennai.

Attendance Requirements
Attendance Requirement :

The candidates must have put in 75% of attendance to attend the University examinations. Attendance between 65% and 75% would be condoned by the Principal. Candidates who have secured less than 65% but more than 50% of attendance are not eligible for condonation and will be permitted to take the examination by paying the condonation fee of Rs.250(Theory Rs.250/- per semester/ per candidate, Practical Rs.250/- per semester/ per candidate). Candidates who have put in less than 50% of the attendance should have to repeat the course without proceeding for the next semester/year. For detailed regulations regarding attendance requirement refer to University of Madras correspondence vide no. ERC/ Attendance Rule / 2016-2017/113 dated 29/01/2016.


Obtaining condonation is not a matter of right. However, the Principal may condone shortage of attendance up to a maximum of 10% of the number of working days for a semester provided:

1. The student had not been granted the same on an earlier occasion during the course. (relaxable)

2. The student pays the fee for condonation and

3. The student had applied for leave for days absent from classes.

A student who is not allowed to write the End of Semester Examination in the current semester due to shortage of attendance (32-45 days absent) will be allowed to write those papers as arrears in the subsequent End of Semester Examination.