Government Arts and Science College
R.K Nagar - Chennai.

College Moto
College Motto :

The logo of this prestigious institution embodies the motto “Deeper, Stronger, Higher”. While the branches reach towards the sky, the roots penetrate deep into the earth giving rise to a rich foliage and luscious fruits. The college like the tree encourages and motivates the students to push his/her roots deep into the soul of the earth and in the process gain knowledge, wisdom and are enlightened. These give them an enduring strength to face life with a brave heart and a positive attitude. The branches stress upon the role of the microcosmic individual in a macrocosmic design. The leaves are a constant reminder of the need for renewal of spirit and regeneration. The fruits symbolize the qualities of self-realization, self-discipline, innovative thinking, ethical decision-making, commitment, sincerity, empathy, sympathy, generosity, tolerance and finally a world view in which one recognizes his/her role.

Our Vision :

Placing a high premium on human values and bringing to fruition the innate ability of the individual, the college aspires to be a fertile ground through which the holistic development achieved may in turn yield the fruits of social development and progress.

Our Mission :

The college embraces the mission of widening the reach of higher education and function as a nodal agency for expansion of knowledge, innovation, skills development and the achievement of global standards in these areas.