Government Arts and Science College
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Departmental Associations
Departmental Associations :

For each department there is an Association which meets periodically to discuss the domain-specific matters. The following associations are recognized:
The Tamil Peravai / Muttamil Mandram
The English Association
The Economics Association
The Commerce Association
The Corporate Secretaryship Association
The Mathematics Association
The Computer Science Associaiton
All the above Departmental Associations in the college shall be governed by the following rules and regulations.

(a) Every department offering B.A./ B.Com./ B.Sc. courses shall have a Departmental Association. All the students of the department undergoing any course conducted in the department will be the members of the Association concerned and shall pay the prescribed annual subscription in the manner specified by the Principal. Each Association will meet periodically to discuss matters related to the subject concerned.

(b) The Principal shall be Patron of every Association and each association shall have the following office-bearers:
(i) President - Head of the Department
(ii) Vice President – Senior- most staff member next to the Head of the Department
(iii) Secretary - A Student of the final year B.A./ B.Com./ B.Sc./M.A.,/M.Com.
(iv) Treasurer – a student of the second year B.A./ B.Com./ B.Sc./M.A.,/M.Com.

(a) Election of office-bearers will be conducted by the members of the Association among themselves subject to the conditions stipulated. The election for any academic year shall be conducted after the re-opening of the college for the academic year. The Head of the Department will conduct the election. The activities begin with an inaugural and end with valedictory.

(b) A proper record of all the activities of the associations and the student participants shall be maintained by the Vice-President and he / she shall hand over the complete record at the end of each term to the Principal.

(c) Functions will be organized with the prior approval of the Principal. (d) Vice-President shall submit a budget proposal at the beginning of the academic session to the Principal and all expenditure should be incurred with the prior approval of the Principal and an annual statement of accounts be submitted at the close of the academic year to the Principal.