Government Arts and Science College
R.K Nagar - Chennai.

Code of Conduct :

Candidates should have with them on all days of the Examination, their Hall Ticket and College Identity Card for inspection by Invigilators. Candidates who do not possess their college ID card and Hall Ticket will not be allowed to write the Exam. Candidates are required to provide themselves with pens and mathematical instruments. They should use only Blue or Black ink while answering their papers. Ordinary calculators and scientific calculators are permitted for certain courses.

Candidates should take their place in the Examination Hall fifteen minutes before the time fixed for the commencement of the examination. A candidate coming late (within thirty minutes after the start of the exam) in the case of any unforeseen event will be allowed to enter the exam hall only with the permission of the Chief Superintendent / Principal. Permission granted to these candidates will be at the sole discretion of the Principal.

Candidates will not be allowed to leave the Examination Room till the expiry of at least one hour after the question paper has been given out. A candidate who leaves the room after submitting the answer book will not be allowed to return within the time allotted for the examination.

No paper must be detached from the Answer books. Rough works to be carried out in the space provided in the answer booklet and not elsewhere.

No borrowing or exchange of calculators, rulers, pens are permitted in the Examination hall without the permission of the Invigilator.

Malpractice :

No form of malpractice will be tolerated. In case any student is found indulging in or abetting in malpractice of any kind, the matter will be reported to the Chief Superintendent and all his / her exams for the semester will be cancelled. Bringing in even bits of answers, copying or helping other students with answers, possession of mobile phones or other electronic gadgets, appealing to examiners to award marks and impersonation are some examples of malpractices. Even, writing answer points on the question paper, on the desk, in the palm of one’s hand etc., will be construed as malpractice.

All malpractices whether in internal assessment or in the End of Semester exams will be referred to the Principal/ Chief Superintendent. The Exam unit will provide a fair chance to the students accused of malpractice and finally submit their findings to the Principal.

Registration for Exams :

Students admitted to the various programmes of study should register for the papers for which they appear. Candidates will register and pay exam fees for all papers inclusive of all arrear papers through the online examination registration system(ERS). In the first semester, candidates should submit filled-in application form and in the subsequent semesters verify the subject codes of the papers which they would appear. The exam fees should be paid on or before the last date. There are two last dates for paying fees viz., fees without penalty and fees with penalty of Rs.100/-.

For any changes / correction to be made in the candidate’s name, date of birth, photo, father’s name or any other information after registering for the exams should be routed via Principal. Requisition letter along with evidence for supporting the claim should be routed via HOD to Chief Superintendent.

In respect of the candidates whose names have not been registered through online registration during the previous semester examination, their manual applications along with the demand drafts in favour of ‘The Registrar, University of Madras’ towards examination fee and application and the reason for not applying through online together with necessary document may kindly be forwarded well in advance to the university. The schedule of dates mentioned for submission of manual applications should be followed strictly to these candidates also. Any ERS related queries can be emailed to

Temporary ID Card / Duplicate Hall Ticket for Examination Purposes :

Students without identity card on exam days or hall ticket must get the temporary hall ticket / identity card from the Chief Superintendent / HOD. Either the temporary ID / hall ticket should contain the photo of the candidate.

Exam Fee Concession :

Visually Challenged students are exempted from the payment of Exam fees.

Fees :
Description of Fees Amount (in Rs.)
UG – Theory, Soft Skills, Non-Major Elective and Environmental Studies 85
UG – Value Education 100
UG – Practical (3 hours) 85
UG – Practical ( 6 hours) 165
PG – Theory Per paper 150
PG – Practicals (3 hours) 175
PG- Practicals (6 hours) 350
Statement of Marks (per statement) 50
Cost of Application 25
Provisional Certificate (UG- Sixth Semester / PG – Fourth Semester) 100
Convocation Fee (UG -Sixth Semester / PG- Fourth Semester) 150
Provisional Certificate (Extract) 100
Convocation in-absentia (University) 500
Re-totaling (per paper) 300
Re-valuation (per paper) 1000
Instant Examination (per paper) 500
Consolidated Marks statement 1500
Name / Date of Birth / Photo / Father’s Name correction 1000
Duplicate Statement of marks(upto five years) per statement 500
Migration Certificate (outside TN) 500
Penalty for submission of exam application after last date 100